Emerging artist Amanda Hassett has centred her art practice on exploring our collective humanity; what it means to be human, today.  A figurative artist working in a variety of mediums, Amanda’s work is characterised by a probing narrative exploring a personal experience of the big questions which surround us in this particular age – technology, sustainability, society, our shifting identities.

A life working in print and online media,  games and virtual environments, has brought a long term perspective to Amanda’s work.  Her experiences from the digital world have shaped her thinking and led her to research psychology and game theory, resulting in a recent series of works which question our identities in an increasingly digital world. Similarly her role as a mother and household decision maker have led her to also research sustainability and how our collective attitudes shape our world.

Amanda is motivated by a concern for who we are, where we are going, and how the issues of the day affect us all. The inspiration for individual works or series comes from in-depth research of a person or set of behaviours.   Her work explores aspect of her subjects lives,  and often has an intensely personal quality.  “I want others to see people as I see them – to think about our humanity.  People are complicated, multilayered, beautiful, yet flawed and vulnerable…it is infinitely fascinating.”

Ultimately the work Amanda makes acts as a vehicle to communicate an understanding of our common humanity, and expresses a considered perspective on contemporary issues which affect us all.